Trailer Sales of Michigan offers Flatbed Gooseneck Trailers in GVWR’s ranging from 17,000 to 25,000 lb. We use channel iron and I-beam frames for rugged long-lasting durability. These trailers are deckover style, meaning that the floor is built over the tires. Every model has a dovetail with wedge shaped, lay flat loading ramps. These ramps will load equipment, but their style also means that you can load hay or equipment on top of them when they are folded over in the lay flat position. Our trailers feature a rugged channel iron outer rail with stake pockets down the inside the rail for the full length of the bed.

Every Flatbed Gooseneck Trailer is built in our Deluxe configuration. This package includes brakes on both axles, premium Westlake radial tires, a tool box with lockable lid, and our best lighting and wiring package. This is an upgraded package that runs the wiring in plastic conduit with lifetime rubber mounted LED lights and full reflective tape. Our Flatbed Gooseneck Trailers are cost competitive and will make you a great long lasting investment.