Tilt Trailers for Sale by Trailer Sales of Michigan

Trailer Sales of Michigan offers two different styles of tilt trailers. Our tilt car hauler models are perfect for loading and hauling your customized classic or low clearance sports car. Our equipment tilt is ideal for hauling skid steers, mini-excavators, or any equipment that you need to load without having to bother with heavy loading ramps.

Our Car Tilt Trailers are built with an all-tubing main frame and diamond plate floor. The tilting action is accomplished with a fully self-contained hydraulic pump and cylinder. With a hydraulic tilt car trailer you can safely load a vehicle without the effort of having to remove loading ramps from under the trailer, then have to put them back once the vehicle is loaded. Loading the vehicle on the trailer is also much safer. You have the full width of the bed to drive on to. The back of the trailer lowers all the way to the ground. Our hydraulic tilt car trailers are offered in a 7,000 GVWR 18′ model with a 5″ tubing frame and tongue and a 10,000 GVWR 20′ model with 6″ tubing frame and tongue for heavier and larger vehicles.

We also offer an Equipment Tilt Trailer that does not use hydraulics. This trailer is built with a rugged 6″ channel frame and tongue. It features an 8′ fixed front deck with a 14′ tilting rear section. You can load attachments or building materials on the fixed front section then put your mini excavator or skid steer on the tilting rear section. You can also use the entire 22′ flat length for hauling building materials or hay. This trailer is available only in our Deluxe series in a 15,000 GVWR.

Trailer Sales of Michigan is an easy drive from anywhere in Southern Michigan, Northern Indiana, or Eastern Illinois. You will find that it is well worth the time and effort to come check out our products before you make your purchasing decision. We have great trailers and guarantee the best price and value!