Trailer Sales of Michigan – Low Price, High Quality – Small Overhead, Big Savings!

At Trailer Sales of Michigan we bring you a great selection of high quality trailers at a low price. We build most of models on-site right here in Michigan. Our low overhead operation allows us to deliver you big savings.

If you are in Southern Michigan, Northern Indiana, or Eastern Illinois, we are only a short drive away. We can be reached in a little over an hour from Northeast Indiana and two and a half hours from the Chicago, Illinois area. We challenge you to compare all the features of our trailers and check our price before you buy. We feature the following trailers groups:

Utility Trailers – Trailer Sales of Michigan offers landscape utility trailers with angle iron frames with top rails, full landscape gate, and channel iron tongues. We offer single and tandem axle utility trailers in GVW ratings up to 12,000 lb. These models are fully equipped with popular features.

Gooseneck Trailers – Trailer Sales of Michigan builds gooseneck trailers that are available in two distinct styles:

The flatbed gooseneck trailer has the floor over the tires with stake pockets and rub rails for the full length of the bed.

Our equipment style gooseneck trailers have heavy gauge diamond plate fenders and swing up channel ramps. The floor sits lower (in between the fenders) on this model. Both styles are based on all channel iron frames.

Equipment Trailers – Equipment trailers by Trailer Sales of Michigan are built with all channel frames with a formed one-piece frame runner and tongue design. The tongue is cold formed in a hydraulic press for maximum durability. All equipment trailers models feature heavy gauge diamond plate fenders, an adjustable coupler, a drop foot jack, and swing up channel ramps. This line is available in GVW ratings from 8,000 to 15,000 lbs.

Tilt Trailers – We offer tilt trailers in Equipment and Car hauling styles:

The Equipment Tilt trailers have an 8ft. fixed front section with a 14ft. tilting rear section. This allows you to drive your equipment on the trailer without having to use loading ramps.

Our car tilt trailers use a self contained hydraulic pump with cylinder to raise and lower the entire bed. This makes it convenient, safe, and easy to load your low profile sports car or restored classic car.

Car Trailers – Trailer Sales of Michigan car trailers are built with all channel iron frames with one-piece frame runner and tongue design. The tongue is cold formed in a hydraulic press for maximum durability. Our car trailer is available in both wood and diamond floor versions. The loading ramps slide in under the floor for easy storage on both car trailer variations. The wood floor car trailers feature durable diamond plate fenders, swing up jack, and stake pockets. The diamond floor car trailers also have these same features as well as d-ring tie-downs. We challenge you to find a better equipped and constructed car trailer at the price we offer!

Flatbed Trailers – Trailer Sales of Michigan flatbed trailers are available with either a pintle ring or ball coupler. The frames are rugged Channel one piece cold formed mainframe and tongue. Stake pockets and rub rail make for easy tie downs. Spring assisted cleated swing up loading ramps with support foot make these trailers ideal for hauling skid steers, mini excavators, and other equipment.

Dump Trailers – We sell low profile dump trailers manufactured by Hawke Trailers in 10,000, 12,000, and 14,000 GVWR ratings. These are top quality construction trailers with scissor lift, slide in loading ramps, and self contained hydraulic system.

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