Trailer Sales of Michigan sells Diamond Floor Car Trailers, which are offered in nine different varieties of GVWR’s and lengths.

Our 6,000 GVWR Web Special is 15 ft. long and is constructed with a 4″ channel frame and tongue. The 3,500 lb. axles have brakes on one axle, with one idler axle. Tires are 15″ load range C radials. This trailer is not recommended for any vehicle over 4,000 pounds.

Our 7,000 GVWR model is 18′ long and is built with a 5″ channel frame and tongue. This is one of our most popular diamond floor car trailers. The 3,500 lb. axles upgrade to brakes on both axles with 15″ load range C radial tires. We recommend the Deluxe Package which adds wiring upgrades such as conduit, rubber mounted LED lights, and rear slide in loading ramps.

The 8,000 GVWR Diamond Floor Car Trailer Model is 18′ long and is built with a 5″ channel frame as the 7,000GVWR model. The only difference is an axle and tire upgrade. Axles are 4,000 lb. capacity with brakes on both and 15″ load range D radial tires.

The 10,000 GVWR model increases frame size to 6″ channel. Axles upgrade to 5,200 lb. 6 lug axles with 15″ load range D radial tires. The length increases to 20′.

The 12,000 GVWR model has the same 6 inch Channel frame as the 10,000 model but axle size increases to 6,000lb. heavy duty 8 lug with load range E 16″ radial tires. Length is the same at 20′.

On all GVWR’s, the Deluxe Diamond Floor Car Trailers upgrade to ramps that slide in from the rear with wiring in conduit and rubber mounted lifetime LED lights. These are enclosed in protective steel boxes as well as full reflective tape instead of skip tape.

We never add gimmicks such as assembly, freight, or doc fees in our price – only the actual taxes and fees that the state of Michigan makes us collect.